Duhyoung Kim / Dudu  

Media Artist, based in Cologne. 

Researching soundscapes in specific sites and about listening and intepreting those into diverse forms and media, such as audio-visual installations and composition.

Zwischenpunkt (Point-inbetween)

This is a guide map for a personal soundwalk in and out of water pump station in Siegburg, Germany, which is used for providing waters into the city. This building places on a intersection of two cities ㅡSiegburg and Sankt Augustinㅡ and nearby there are a river, wield, a bridge and a crossroad. From far away you can still hear the car sounds in the highway. On the other hand in the building artists set their own sound works. Between those acoustic fields in and out, there are meeting points of sounds and that provide interesting listening experiences.
musical score on paper, 17.3 x 29.7cm, “take me”, Assembly house in Leeds, 2022